Supporting our Student Veterans



One way for a veteran to readjust to civilian life is through study. By succeeding in post-secondary programs a veteran is taking positive steps towards gaining confidence, expanding their knowledge base and making worthwhile contributions to civilian society.

At the Student Veterans of America they have numerous programs and resources to assist veterans to invest in their future through study. Below is a list of the programs they offer:

Leadership Institute
Local Leadership Summits
SVA Chapter Grants
VFW-SVA Legislative Fellowship
VET Centre Initiative
Chapter Grants
National Veterans Centre
Kognito Virtual Training

Study can be a taxing endeavor that requires focus and clarity of mind, especially during the examination period. Some students have been know to take a fat-burning supplement during this time to keep themselves sharp and fit.

Helping veterans to readjust to civilian life through offering assistance to study and colleges and universities dates back to the end of World War II, when president Roosevelt signed the Serviceman’s Readjustment Act. The SVA set up these programs as a way to continue and extend upon this Act for all veterans wishing to study on their return from their service.