How to write a letter to the troops

military tribute image

Writing a letter to the troops is one of the kindest things you can do. It is such a wonderful way to support them and show kindness to them.

Our troops are often far away from home. So getting a letter from someone back home who is grateful for what they are doing is so important. Even if you don’t agree with the reason that they are over there it is still important to show support for the troops. They are doing their duty.

It is so easy to send a letter to the troops, but sometimes it is difficult to know what to say. Especially if you don’t know them personally. How can you say the right thing and make sure that it’s not a boring letter?

Here is an example of a good letter to the troops,

Dear Service Member,

We are so proud of all you are doing to defend our country and keep us safe. Your bravery is amazing and we are so lucky to live in a great country. Thank you for defending our freedoms. We know that freedom comes at a price and you were willing to step up and sacrifice for us. Words cannot express how grateful we are… how lucky we are. Our country would not stand if it was not for you. If you write back we are happy to respond.

From the bottom of my heart thank you,

Your Name

If you have young kids, ask them to also include drawings and cute letters from their perspective. Nothing makes people happier than the kindness and support of other people.

So please take the time to write to the troops. They will be so grateful for your support. It may be something that makes them smile from ear to ear.